Architect & Designer Program Update

Posted by Rumin Mann
August 22nd, 2011


With the GBM now just a little over two weeks away, everything is in high gear as we put the final touches on what looks to be another great event. Living & Building with Wood (LBWW) delegates continue to sign up, speakers are putting the final touches on their seminars, and all of the exhibitors who will be participating in the LBWW program on Friday afternoon are also working on their presentations. The Friday afternoon LBWW session is new to the GBM and if everything works out as planned, it should be a great addition and a win-win for both the architects and the exhibitors.

Architect Program:

We conducted another 3 lunch & learn sessions over the past two weeks; one focusing on the Wood First Act, one on Timber Frame, and the third split between the Wood First Act and Millwork. That will be it until October as the GBM will use up all our time from now until well after the event. Having said that, we have already booked 4 sessions for October and are also working on 3 mill tours, so once the GBM is behind us, we will be back into our architect and designer program in full force.

In reviewing why there was so much activity with the A&D program during this summer which is normally a very quiet period, I believe it can be attributed to two major factors:

  1. BC Wood has become more recognized in the A&D community both as a resource and a deliverer of excellent seminars – many by member companies
  2. BC Wood’s expanding exposure in the A&D community along with the province’s Wood First Legislation has increased the architects’ and designers’ desire to learn more about BC’s value-added wood industry and the products we produce.

As we do with all our Wood Connections reports, we welcome your company to participate in any of the programs or if you just require additional information, please contact me at . If you aren’t quite sure if architects (and contractors) should be included in your marketing activities or how to go about doing it, again, just get in touch with us. We would be pleased to provide answers to any of your questions.

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