Spotlight: Structurlam

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 22nd, 2011

Structurlam Products is a manufacturer of high quality glue-laminated beams and a premium fabricator of complete heavy timber packages for non-residential projects. They started out in Penticton, BC 49 years ago and have grown into one of Canada’s leading suppliers of heavy timber packages. What stands out about Structurlam is their innovation and investment in technology.   “In 2000, we were the first North American heavy timber company to invest in European technology such as three-dimensional modeling software and robotic machinery,” says President Bill Downing. “This allows us to create complex custom designs, including curved and shaped members.”

While the BC Wood, FPInnovations, and CAWP staff were in the Okanagan, we toured the Structurlam facility in Okangan Falls.  Recently, they took on the project of developing cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels that they have branded as CrossLam.  CLT has been used all across Europe and Structurlam is on the forefront of bringing this technology to North America.    As a result of their extensive research over the last couple of years, they have outfitted their brand new facility with the latest in technology for effective and efficient production of CLT. They have recently gone out of the testing phase and into production, already delivering two projects.

CrossLam by Structurlam is a state of the art solid timber panel that is ideal for floor, wall, and roof systems making it the perfect structural solution. With its cross-layered construction, reduced carbon footprint, and ready to assemble system, CrossLam is the green choice for schools, health care facilities, public buildings, commercial buildings, and multi-family housing.

Some of the benefits for using CrossLam are:

  • Up to 6 times lighter than concrete
  • Cost competitive against steel and concrete
  • Reduces overall construction time
  • Space creator, 1/3 thinner than concrete
  • Primarily requires carpentry skills and power tools

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