Committee looks for more ways to use wood fibre

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 14th, 2011

Bulletproof vests, food additives and even the manufacture of airplanes are among the many new uses for wood fibre that a new committee formed by the provincial government this week will be investigating to help B.C.’s ailing forest industry.

Parksville-Qualicum Liberal MLA Ron Cantelon is a part of the four-member committee, which is led by John Yap, Minister of State for Climate Action.

Cantelon said the opportunities for products made from wood fibre are “boundless,” and expanding the industry in B.C. would go a long way to keep jobs in the province and reduce the number of raw logs that are being exported to foreign shores.

The committee was struck after a recently report by the Forest Products Association of Canada and FP Innovations concluded that establishing new markets for wood fibre has the potential of generating up to $200 billion in Canada by 2015.

“While we can’t recreate the high-paying jobs in the province’s mills that are part of the traditional forest industry, we’ll be investigating the development of many secondary industries using wood fibre that will make the most of B.C.’s natural resources and help our economy,” Cantelon said.

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