A renewable forestry

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 11th, 2011

Push aside dated notions of Canada’s forest sector as dominated by lumberjacks focused solely on logging trees and processing the wood.

Today’s forest sector is hightech with employees skilled in biochemistry, genetics, computer modelling, satellite imagery and digital processing.

Today’s bio-economy is a dynamic global market that mirrors a paradigm shift to products that originate from natural renewable sources.

Mills that have focused on processing timber and pulp are beginning to diversify into bio-energy, bio-chemicals and bio-materials which include wood fibre and biomass that is converted into renewable fuel, food additives, non-toxic chemicals, solvents, plastics, textiles and other products.

A study that was issued by the Forest Products Association of Canada earlier this year details how the Canadian forest sector is becoming a central, thriving player in our new bio-age.

This research demonstrates how the forest products industry of Canada is poised to repurpose the chemicals and biomaterials extracted from trees to exploit a potential global market estimated at around $200 billion.

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