TWI Job Instruction (JI) Module Coming in July

Posted by Rumin Mann
June 24th, 2011

Since the beginning of the year, FPInnovations has been informing you about a successful process called “Training Within Industry” (TWI). FPInnovations has already held an introductory webinar and a half day workshop on this topic and as a result, has received great interest from businesses asking what they need to do next to apply this information in their shop.

Companies that have already adopted elements of TWI have noted unprecedented success including cost savings from productivity improvements, scrap and waste reduction, employee retention, and cost avoidance. The TWI programs are vehicles to instill standardization into the workplace, as the method and skill to implement standardized work is often missing from the tool belts of supervisors. Without standardization, it is difficult to know if a process is being improved, where errors are occurring, or if improvements are being sustained.

Currently, theTWI “J” programs specifically address the following skill needs:

  • Job Instruction (JI): by teaching the skill of instructing and how to transfer the knowledge of work to others.
  • Job Methods (JM): by teaching the skill of improving methods where one can achieve greater production of good quality products and services.
  • Job Relations (JR): by teaching the skill of leading to gain the necessary cooperation from others.

By addressing these three areas and the skills they develop, supervisors can manage their daily activities more effectively. TWI has a proven 4-step process that exemplifies standardization and through its “learn by doing” approach, instantly makes the skills learned beneficial to any company in any sector.

The first module – Job Instruction Training (JI) – is being offered this coming July 25th to 29th, 2011, in centrally located locations. For more information, contact Brian Ehrecke at 250-462-4000 or by email:

To register for this program, please click here.

Hear the previously recorded one hour webinar held on May 26, click here:

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