Don’t Be “That Guy” at Trade Shows

Posted by Rumin Mann
June 10th, 2011

You’ve seen him as you walk down the trade show aisle. You point him out to your colleagues, trying to not let him see you as you do. You let out a nervous laugh as you pass his trade show display – what if he tries to talk to you?

He’s “that guy,” and he’s doing trade shows all wrong.

Here’s 8 things you and the other trade show attendees are saying about “that guy”:

1. “Why did that guy even come to the show?” He’s typing on his computer, talking on his cell phone, texting on his smartphone – basically doing everything in his booth except engaging with attendees. He shouldn’t be doing things he would normally do back at his office; he should be working the show.

2. “What did that guy just say to me?” Starting a conversation with a stranger in the aisle takes a delicate touch. But there are offensive booth staffers who still think it’s okay to obviously read a person’s badge and say, “Hey Mike, how are you doing?” without realizing just how cheesy that sounds.

3. “What does that guy’s company do?” If your exhibit graphics don’t make it clear what products you sell and what value you bring to your customers, then trade show attendees (who are already short on time and overstimulated) are not going to take the time to find out.

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