Spotlight: Norelco Cabinet Solutions

Posted by Rumin Mann
May 3rd, 2011

Norelco Cabinet Solutions opened their doors almost 40 years ago in Kelowna, BC.  They now have two manufacturing plants in Kelowna with Cucina Del Re Cabinetry, specializing in high-end custom cabinetry.  They have a team who designs and builds all types of different cabinets that suit the individual customer’s needs, including two very skilled, hand-crafters who carve intricate details on the cabinets.  Norelco’s primary cabinet division uses innovative European technology and high quality materials to design and construct cabinets for residential and commercial buildings.  They distribute all over Western Canada and the US including Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.

Norelco has actively participated in a number of Business Innovation Partnership (BIP) activities over the past two years.  Along with attending workshops, they have completed a Lean program as well as a sales and marketing project.  When the current owners purchased Norelco, they were told that the facility would not be able to exceed a certain amount in sales due to the limited production space.  At that time, Peter Raja started the lean program with the help of FPInnovations, one of the BIP partners, in hopes of increasing their productivity, and thereby their sales and margins.  After implementing the new program, they are now producing at well over the previous limitation in sales and have the capacity to keep growing.

Recently, Norelco has completed a sales & marketing project with sales guru, Neil Godin.  They were instructed on how to set up a Facebook account, Twitter account, a blog through WordPress, joined LinkedIn, and developed an e-newsletter.  Norelco has fully immersed themselves into the world of social media.  Their first newsletter was sent out to 800 contacts last month and since then, 300 additional people have signed up for the newsletter.  They have 111 followers on Twitter and 70 on Facebook.  They also optimized their website for search engines to display them as the very first result when “Kelowna kitchen cabinets” is searched; whereas before, they were listed on the 25th page.  In a very short time, they have greatly increased their brand awareness.

Social media is a powerful tool for companies to use to strengthen their relationship with clients and potential clients, while increasing their company’s profile.  However, you must learn to use it correctly to yield results; otherwise, you might do more harm to your company’s image than good.

Not only is Norelco establishing their presence online, they are also expanding into the Hawaii market.  As a BC Wood member, Norelco has had the opportunity to attend tradeshows in Western US and Hawaii to meet with prospective clients that they normally would not have the opportunity to get in front of.  Peter says “If it wasn’t for Dave [Farley] and BC Wood, I would never have gotten these clients, or even gotten in the door to talk to the executives.”  BC Wood has in-market representatives in the US, Japan, China and Korea.  If you are considering expanding into these markets, contact BC Wood at 604-882-7100 for more information on how to access our knowledgeable representatives.

For more information on Norelco, visit their new and improved website at

For more information on instigating a company project like the ones Norelco has successfully participated in, contact Scott Thompson, Manager, Business Innovation Partnership (BIP) at 604-882-7100 or

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