Sawmill production continues to rise in B.C.

Posted by Rumin Mann
May 10th, 2011

Production at B.C.’s sawmills have increased significantly over the last year, particularly in the coastal mills, according to Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada’s numbers for April indicate that lumber production rose 1.4% in the province’s interior mills from February, 2010, to the same month this year, while production in coastal mills has increased a whopping 28% during the same time. The province’s once-mighty forest industry has been free-fall since 2007 when the American housing sector nose-dived during the global recession.

However, lumber sales from B.C. to China, a fast-emerging economic power, have increased dramatically in recent years which has seen a number of closed mills in Nanaimo and the region reopen, albeit with skeleton crews.

Source: Nanaimo Daily News – May 4, 2011

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