PwC 24th annual global forest & paper conference being held May 11 in Vancouver, BC

Posted by Rumin Mann
May 10th, 2011

The global forest and paper sector has been faced with a decade of challenges, cost pressures and changing customer demands, but industry leaders are now seizing the opportunity to change directions and business strategies.

On May 11 over 450 CEOs, senior executives, customers, suppliers, analysts and policy makers from the world’s forest and paper industry will meet at the PwC 24th Annual Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference to explore how the forest sector is changing directions and how this can translate into fresh opportunities and new sources of value.

Customers and forest products producers from around the globe will take the stage and share how changing business models are creating new opportunities.

Topics to be discussed include global economics and geopolitical risk, industry financial performance and outlook, new directions and opportunities for the industry, market and products outlook, and a panel of CEOs discussing changing business models and the issues at the top of their agenda. The luncheon keynote speaker will discuss the road to recovery for Japan after the recent earthquake and tsunami.

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