Better than Expected Results of an Energy Performance Study of Exterior Wood Doors in the BC Market

Posted by Rumin Mann
May 24th, 2011

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association of BC (WDMA-BC) in partnership with FPInnovations has announced the results of a study showing the energy performance of BC made exterior wood doors is better than previously believed.

Al Jaugelis, Past President of WDMA-BC said the motivation for this study was the 2008 amendment to the Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation that for the first time set energy performance requirements for windows, doors and skylights in British Columbia. “There was concern that wood doors would be unable to achieve the same baseline energy performance as other kinds of windows and doors: a maximum U-value of 2.0 W/m2-K. This study shows that they can. A separate study undertaken at the same time showed that wood doors also have significant environmental benefits from a life cycle perspective.”

WDMA-BC commissioned FPInnovations, Canada’s leading forest products research institute to conduct the study. According to Derek Williams of FPInnovations, “the study showed that most BC door manufacturers use Douglas-fir, a species that is especially well suited for making energy efficient wood doors because it has lower conductivity and therefore higher insulating value. This accounts for the overall average U-value of BC made doors being lower than previously thought.”

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