Architect & Designer Program Update

Posted by Rumin Mann
May 13th, 2011

Roy Manion

The Architect & Designer Program just got better!  We have now added contractors to our target audience. Also, as a result of the efforts of the Wood Enterprise Coalition, we also have access to many municipalities throughout the province.  Of course, this means additional work for yours truly, but is a welcome addition as it expands the groups in our province to whom we can reach out to educate on the great products that are produced by participating members.

As mentioned in the previous Wood Connections, we have been putting the final touches on the 2011 – 2012 Architect & Designer Program which is now done and includes the previously mentioned groups. While we are giving priority to companies that participated last year, we fully expect there to be openings for new companies.

Since our last Wood Connections, we also held a Lunch & Learn session that featured a single BC company. This was a return visit for BC Wood as we were contacted by the architect firm a few weeks ago wanting more information on our industry.  The firm made their choice based on a variety of seminars we submitted to them.  This is happening more and more frequently which is just another illustration of the inroads the A&D Program is making to this influential community.

In addition to the above, we are working on two major events which will happen over the next two weeks and to which we invited the architect community. The first one is a collaboration with FPInnovations on a seminar entitled “Introduction to Lean Construction Basics”.  The other is a combination of a factory tour and related seminars. In both cases, as it seems to be with all BC Wood events, these two events were completely booked out within a little over a week of the invitations going out, again, an indication of the desire of architects to learn more about what our industry is doing.  It is also indicates the reputation BC Wood and its members have earned when it comes to putting on quality and meaningful seminars.

For more information on the Architect & Designer program, please click here

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