Wood Finishing Services

Posted by Rumin Mann
April 19th, 2011

Wood product manufacturers can access wood finishing services through Business Innovation Partnership (BIP). We offer ongoing industry support through seminars and publications on finishing issues, and we work with individual manufacturers to help them resolve their finishing problems and increase their productivity and quality.

FPInnovations can support your finishing efforts by:

  1. Forensic Testing: We can help you to determine the causes of finish failure and ways to help prevent future failures
  2. Coatings:
    • Coatings performance analysis/suitability
    • Wet and dry film thickness measurements and an analysis of them
    • Sheen measurements (refractometer)
    • Solid content of your liquid coatings
    • Hardness (scratch test)
    • Analysis of your catalyst, reducers and retarders
  3. Stains: How to achieve that specific colour each and every time through the use of spray only, spray and wipe, toners; the preparation and use of colour samples and step boards
  4. Equipment: An analysis of the spray equipment used, the maintenance of that equipment, and alternative equipment; transfer efficiencies
  5. Supervision and Training:
    • Standard operating procedures
    • Quality control programs
    • Safety

For more information, contact Norman Smith at 604-828-9555 or norman.smith@fpinnovations.ca

Wood Finishing Services information brochure

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