Applying Wood Veneer – Best Practices

Posted by Rumin Mann
April 15th, 2011

The use of wood veneer has been reported as far back as Egyptian times. Since then, craftsmen have used valuable and scarce wood resources of different patterns, colours and pleasant figures to expose this high value material. Since wood veneer has little application on its own, gluing veneer onto lower quality material is a simple solution to extending its use.

Both softwoods and hardwoods can be used for veneer, however the majority of softwood veneer is used as sheathing, structural products or as substrate for higher appearance products.

The inherent qualities of the many hardwood species result in veneer that is warm and appealing to the eye. Once the log has been processed, the narrow veneer components are usually spliced together to make a full-sized sheet. The highest grade possible is obtained by producing different patterns. Highly decorative effects are usually produced on 4×8-foot sheets by matching veneer components.

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