US Lumber Company Credits Twitter for Business Growth

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 28th, 2011

(Springfield, MO) — Twitter was abuzz with birthday wishes Monday. The massive social network — with 200 million users worldwide — turned 5 years old. At first, some didn’t know what to make of Twitter. It started out primarily personal, but now businesses are setting up accounts and chirping about their success.

“It’s been fantastic for us,” says Dustin Burke, Herrman Lumber marketing director. Burke started tweeting a year and a half ago. He’s almost to 1,000 followers and was featured in two national magazines: Pro Sales and Hardware Retailing.

“We got in both of them just a few months ago for social media, so a non-traditional way to get in to a national magazine in our industry.”

The best part, for the time being, is that each tweet and re-tweet is free. “We’re not profitable right now,” Twitter’s CEO has said. “We’ve got plenty of time to take this model and grow it.”

But if you aren’t Ashton Kutchner or any other celebrity, Burke says Twitter can be tough. “On top of being a down economy and a rough industry, not a very interesting industry.”

So instead of tweeting about 2×4’s, it’s not talking about lumber at all. Burke tweets a fun facts about history or a see-it sale. “Mention this Twitter message and you can get 10 percent off an in store purchase,” he says about the promotion.

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