Pellet Tool Kit Available

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 6th, 2011

Here is a new and emerging opportunity for wood residuals to capture a large portion of the Green Energy market. The success of wood as a biofuel has already begun to materialize with the recent surge in the wood pellet market. This energy source has become extremely popular in Europe, where it is used to heat homes and even power some industrial plants. As counties continue to find ways to reduce their dependency on oil and other fossil fuels, the opportunity for sustainable renewable energy sources will grow. The trend of increasing oil prices is expected to continue over the coming decades. As oil prices continue to increase, the feasibility of alternative energy sources improves greatly, expanding the opportunities for bio-energy.

Prepared with the assistance of the Ontario government through the NOVA project, the Pellet Tool Kit summarizes a number of key areas in the manufacturing of pellets and briquettes and links to additional sources of information. The brief report includes information on biomass availability and demand, pellet production costs, pellet manufacturing, specifications and packaging, storage and transportation, markets and future developments in pellet manufacturing.

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