Member Spotlight: Dove Creek Timber

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 6th, 2011

Dove Creek Timber is a specialty saw mill and shingle mill specializing in clear Western Red Cedar located in Courtenay, BC (Vancouver Island). They grade, and sort a variety of products, from 2×2 and fingerjoint blocks to 40′ timbers in all grades, kiln drying and planing available upon request. Although they specialize in Western Red Cedar, they can also offer other species as well.

Owner Rick Pizzey has been in forestry all his life. He knows the challenges this industry faces for all involved. He started out like anyone else, stacking lumber and falling trees. He moved on to create the very successful specialty mill, Lukwa Mills in Port Hardy, BC (1988-2000). Following that, he established his family run business, Dove Creek Timber in Courtenay, BC in 2002. He looks forwards to where the industry takes him.

Dove Creek Timber has been actively giving back to the community through volunteer work and donating cabins and materials to single families, youth camps, and groups. The cabins shown in the picture below were donated to the YFC, a local youth group to help the younger generation enjoy their youth and boost their morale. “We care about their future and know we can contribute to it as a business,” says Pizzey.

For more information on Dove Creek Timber, please visit their website:

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