British Columbia pushing height limit for wood structures, cross-laminated timber

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 28th, 2011

Wood structures taller than the six-storey limit imposed by the B.C. Building Code are possible in the near future as the provincial government continues its push to promote the use of wood as a building material.

Those structures, if built, will be in range of nine to 12 storeys, British Columbia’s former minister of Forests, Mines and Lands, Pat Bell, said while he was still the minister.

Prince George would be a “logical” location, he added, as the government in 2009 promised to build a Wood Innovations and Design Centre.

Bell said he has since talked about using cross laminated timber (CLT) construction in such a building. “The Innovations and Design Centre would be a logical place to apply a new building method and show how wood could be used in innovative design,” he said.  It would also showcase value-added wood products.

The governing Liberal Party has developed a three-prong strategy to utilize more B.C. wood.  It includes opening up the China market, allowing construction of wood buildings up to six storeys and implementing a policy for using wood in provincial buildings.

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