BC: a stronghold for sustainable forestry

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 11th, 2011

From the jagged Rockies to the ocean-kissed coast, British Columbia is known for its diversity in geography, plants and wildlife and with about two-thirds of British Columbia’s total 95 million hectares covered in forests, it’s hard not to imagine the Western province’s friendly attitude towards forestry.

Peter Lister,vice president of FPInnovations, a non-profit that provides green solutions for the forest sector,says the province is forward-thinking when it comes to sustainability.

“B.C.is one of the world’s leaders in having sustainable and certified forests,” says Lister.

Since the 1930s, more than six billion trees have been planted in B.C.,according to data provided by the Forest Innovation Investment (FII). Today,40 trees are planted ayear per person [in BC].

“As a society we consume resources, and we should make sure the resources are replaced,” says Lister.

According to data from the FII, since 1990,pulp and paper facilities in B.C.have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by62 percent.

A key component in sustainability is examining soil disturbances and damage towetland ecosystems.

“We try to promote wood structures that protect waterways better,” says Lister,”to make sure these sediments aren’t going into fish streams.”

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