U.S. Demand for Decking Forecast To Rise 2.7% per Year Through ’14

Posted by Rumin Mann
February 4th, 2011

Demand across America for decking will revive from the 0.6% annual drop in 2004 to 2009 to increase 2.7% per year and reach 3.5 billion lineal feet–worth $6.2 billion–in 2014, the Freedonia Group forecast today.

Wood products will continue to dominate the market, accounting for 77% of the market in 2014 vs. 86% in 2009, but demand will rise just 0.5% per year, going from 2.604 billion lineal feet in 2009 to 2.67 billion in 2014. In contrast, wood-plastic composite and plastic lumber decking will enjoy double-digit growth rates, the Cleveland-based market research firm said.

Wood-plastic composite decking, which saw demand shrink 1.4% per year between 2004 and 2009 to reach 349 million lineal feet, will see 12.9% annual growth through 2014 to hit 640 million lineal feet. Meanwhile, plastic and other lumber (PVC, mainly), which had seen demand fall 2.1% per year to total 73 million lineal feet in 2009, is forecast by Freedonia to grow 13.9% per year over the next five years, hitting 140 million lineal feet in 2014.

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