Back to Google News UN agency acknowledges the wood industry is improving its green reputation

Posted by Rumin Mann
February 2nd, 2011

A U.N. agency has released a new report saying the public should realize that the forest industry is “an important part of a greener economy.”

The Food and Agriculture Agency says the industry has been innovating and restructuring itself to “change the generally poor perception of wood products.”

In its Wednesday report, the FAO says 37 per cent of total forest production in 2010 came from recycled paper and wood products and that could grow to 45 per cent in 2030. Also, most solid wood products require little energy use, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

While pulp and paper products are more energy intensive, the FAO said the industry is under pressure to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. And when their lifetime is finished, most wood and wood products have a high potential for recycling.

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