Going Beyond The Tip of The Iceberg of Booth Staff Training

Posted by Rumin Mann
January 31st, 2011

In the rush to prepare for trade shows, exhibitors often schedule only one measly hour to training their booth staff. That’s woefully inadequate for what the staff really needs – and what the opportunity demands.

Your company invests thousands upon thousands of dollars to gain the rare opportunity of getting face-to-face with hundreds, if not thousands of buyers. Yet without thorough training, your staff lacks the deep understanding to fully take advantage of your valuable at-show time.

10 Things To Fully Train Your Trade Show Booth Staff

Separate yourself from the pack, and give your staff the training they need to excel. Here are the 10 areas to fully train your booth staffers:

1. Goals: Share your overall objectives the company has for exhibiting at the show, and what show-specific goals have you set for achieving those objectives. And then, tell them what are the individual goals of each booth staffer, such as take 2 qualified leads per hour staffing, or 5 new product demos per shift. If they don’t know why you’re exhibiting, they won’t be able to help you achieve it.

2. Customers: Drill your booth staffers until they can answer key questions about your customers. What are the needs and pain points of your main customer market segments? What size companies do they come from, and what matters most depending on their varying job titles? What industries tend to buy from you, and do different industries have varying priorities? It’s essential that booth staffers understand what clients care about, so they can better connect with them. Also, if your show provides different badge colors to categorize attendees, let your booth staff know what color badges are most likely to be potential customers – and competitors.

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