10 Mistakes Exhibitors Make

Posted by Rumin Mann
January 14th, 2011

You’ve got a tremendous investment, not only in money, but also time and hopefully training in marketing your business at trade shows. Don’t get in the way of your own success!Here are the 10 mistakes I see exhibitors make again and again:

1) Underselling your company with bad graphics: All too often I’ve seen companies represent themselves at trade shows with a patchwork of a “display.” I’ve seen vinyl banners wrapped around foam board, dented or dinged up displays, and a variety of hodgepodge displays. Represent your company in the best light possible. A less-than-professional appearance does not give your prospect confidence in you or your products and services. This type of display will send prospects running to the competition.

2) Putting way too much text on your display: You’ve got literally seconds to get someone’s attention as they stroll around the show floor. No one will stop to read a lot of text. Please understand that you cannot tell your entire company story on your tradeshow display.

3) Not promoting your presence at trade shows: So you’ve got a great looking booth and you all ready to go. So where is everyone? Why don’t you have any traffic coming into your booth? What have you done to promote your presence at the show? Let your clients and prospects know about your trade show appearances by using an e-newsletter and social media. Plan the launch of a new product/service around a show to create a buzz. Send invites directly to those prospects that you may not have connected with in the past.

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