Wood first pledged by North Cowichan

Posted by Rumin Mann
December 8th, 2010

North Cowichan’s new wood-first policy aims to rekindle local jobs and design character, councillors signaled last week.

The new rules require wood as the primary building material in design and construction of municipally funded projects, buildings and major additions wherever practical, appropriate and cost-effective.

Council and staff will favour projects demonstrating more substantial or innovative uses of wood.

“This sustainable, natural resource has been an important part of our heritage — not only in the Cowichan Valley and Vancouver Island, but throughout B.C.,” Mayor Tom Walker said.

“From an economic development perspective, a wood-first initiative will promote the long-term future of our forestry industry, as well as local sawmills and wood industries.”

Source: BC Local News – Dec 2, 2010

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