Trade Show Exhibit Rental: Get A Generic Booth or A Branded Booth?

Posted by Rumin Mann
December 6th, 2010

I was at a trade show a couple of weeks ago and was surprised at how many generic trade show booths were still rented by exhibitors. Don’t get me wrong, I think exhibit rental is a very good solution for exhibitors, but does it have to be at the cost of your corporate image?

Most exhibitors expect to meet important potential clients, existing clients and / or business partners. Your booth will be their first impression of your corporation and the everlasting image into the future. An important question exhibitors need to ask themselves is “How do I want to be perceived?”

Do you want to do business with a generic company?

Before joining the trade show industry, I personally was reluctant to do business with companies who had generic booths, if I even considered them at all. You see, I bypassed most generic booths unless I recognized their company name.

I had two main reasons for not wanting to have to do business with companies with generic booths:

First, I didn’t see them as players. Anyone who is anyone has their own brand. Were they financially sound if they didn’t have their own brand?

Second, I wondered if they were a start-up. Not that I have anything against start-ups, but, were they capable of producing? I would have to do more research on them and ask for references before giving them any of my business. This represented more time and energy on my part. I would also question their know-how, quality control and ability to deliver on time.

Do your booth staffers want to work for a generic company?

Which company would you rather do business with? Or work for?

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