Sanding Abrasives for Wood

Posted by Rumin Mann
December 12th, 2010

FP articleThis Technology Profile provides an overview of the different types of abrasives commonly used when sanding wood. The Profile also focuses on common issues associated with using wide belt sanders, as well as outlining best practices on how to achieve the maximum life from an abrasive product.

Purposes of Sanding
The main purposes of sanding wooden components are to:

  1. calibrate wooden components to eliminate thickness variations and unevenness of wooden surfaces
  2. improve the surface properties created by previous wood processing machinery (e.g., planer knife marks)
  3. equalise and improve the overall surface appearance, to create a visually appealing surface
  4. sand surfaces between subsequent coats of finishes to enhance the adhesion and to smooth the surface prior to the application of the next coat
  5. ease sharp edges to enhance the adhesion of stains and other finishes.

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