Focus Your Exhibit Design On Your Target Audience

Posted by Rumin Mann
November 12th, 2010

Trade show exhibits are best when their design and message directly focuses on the exhibitor’s target audience.

A successful exhibit design depends largely on meeting the following 4 criteria:

  1. The exhibit instantly communicates to visitors that the exhibitor offers products visitors are looking for
  2. The exhibit quickly engages visitors with a compelling, relevant message
  3. The brand impression created by the exhibit matches the exhibitor’s own corporate identity
  4. The unique advantages of the exhibitor’s products and solutions are easily understood´╗┐

But what happens in reality 80 percent of the time? You walk the show floor and see the opposite of the four points outlined above (except for exhibits designed with great restraint, usually for big companies and major brands).

Unfortunately, many companies make it their primary exhibit design strategy to point out every product they offer, and then describe it with big blocks of small text on the exhibit wall. That’s a far cry from a concise and compelling message, and prevents visitors from finding what they are looking for. Most of all, trade show attendees want information on products and services, and especially innovative new solutions. What trade show attendee gives up his valuable time just to look at products he’s known about for years?

The only question is how to design the exhibit to appeal directly to your best prospects. The following has been proven in practice:

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