Minister upbeat about Boundary forestry

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 22nd, 2010

While forestry in British Columbia has gone through a rough patch recently the Minister of Forests and Range is optimistic about the Boundary region.

“I’m very excited for the opportunities in the Boundary area for forestry,” Minister Pat Bell told the Grand Forks Gazette during a recent conference call.

“When you look at the long-term stable supply of timber, that’s very good news for the area.”

“When you hear about Interfor’s interest in a significant investment, $100-million-plus, to make sure that they have one of the most productive sawmills anywhere in the world and combining that with an energy plant, I think it should give people confidence that there will be long-term stability.”

The minister of Forests and Range also said that the Boundary area has a number of tree species that will be of benefit to the market for more advanced buildings and larger structures being built.

“The Boundary area is well positioned with its timber supply to create higher-value forest products,” opined Bell.

“The fir in the region, some of the other species in the region have a lot of integrity, they’re very good quality, very sound building products and will do well in the MSR (machine stress rating) category.”

The minister of Forest and Range said that he would be leading a trade mission to China that begins on Oct. 28 and unlike in the past, this year’s mission will last longer – the biggest ever into China, Bell said.

“This time we’re going to be focused on relationships with some of China’s largest developers,” Bell explained.

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