Member Spotlight: Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 18th, 2010

Founded in 1994, Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd. is located approximately 30 miles east of Vancouver, in Aldergrove, BC.  Their primary focus is the manufacturing and distribution of high quality Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, and Douglas Fir products to the North American, European, and Asian markets.  Mid Valley offers a full line of Western Red Cedar products for almost any application: balusters, appearance grade, posts and timbers, decking, fence boards, fence rails, fence posts, and industrial components.

What sets Mid Valley Lumber apart from their competition is their flexibility and willingness to manufacture products their customer are looking for.  According to Al Fortune, President of Mid Valley Lumber, your word is your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. “We are not looking for a one time sale: we are looking to build long term relationships, where the customer is happy and continues to deal with us.  Building a long term partnership with our customers is one of the keys to our success.  A happy customer is a repeat customer and we want repeat customers.” Fortune said, “One way to ensure repeat customers is to produce quality, consistent products time after time. You also need to have the flexibility to change with the market conditions and adapt to the customer’s requirements.”

Mid Valley Lumber regularly participates in the NAWLA show with BC Wood and has attended 5 of BC Wood’s annual Global Buyers Missions in Whistler.  According to Fortune, “this was probably the best year for us at the GBM.”  This year they made many contacts with potential new customers and “will most definitely attend next years GBM.”

For more information on Mid Valley Lumber, please visit their website:

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