Living and Building with Wood Shanghai

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 4th, 2010


BC Wood and Canada Wood partners (CFPA, COFI, QWEB) recently organized a one day seminar at the Shanghai Expo to introduce and promote the use of finished wood products to a select group of Chinese interior designers, architects, and builders. Five Canadian companies attended the seminar and presented their products to the Chinese audience promoting a range of products including furniture, kitchen cabinets, and engineered wood products. The Vancouver pavilion, where we held the seminar, showcased wood species and products in a wide variety of applications to the numerous attendees and visitors of the facility.

China, being well known for its massive population and low cost labour, has progressed significantly in recent years with regions such as Shanghai accumulating significant wealth. Luxury products are prominent and the wealth is clearly evident. High end products from around the world are already active in China and working to establish market share. European designers and producers of high end furniture already have product in Chinese showrooms targeting the wealthy class in China. Although it is still a young market for these products, there is evidence that China is progressing quickly and that the years to come will prove interesting for finished products.

BC Wood will continue to observe China to identify key market opportunities for our member companies. For more information, please contact David Pao at




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