It’s the time the of year to celebrate wood. Really.

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 15th, 2010

DO YOU HAVE any idea how many things are made of or derived from wood?

Compared to all other materials, nothing compares to wood. It’s arguably the most versatile, flexible, strong, forgiving and beautiful raw material in the world.

It makes the most beautiful boats and bridges, figurines and frames and houses. It’s used to make pencils and heat–even medicines.

Given that wood and the other products that come from our forest are so amazing, it was an Act of Congress in 1960 that resulted in the third week of October being recognized as National Forest Products Week. Yes, another special proclamation that you probably didn’t know about but that perhaps is more deserving than some.

Congressional proclamations are not usually recognized for their literary flow, with all the whereases and such, but this one actually captures the idea well.

“National Forest Products Week Legislation”

Joint resolution providing for the establishment of an annual National Forest Products Week.

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