In cedar tables, Euro chic meets West Coast

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 15th, 2010

Bloom tables are a study in opposites: the base is a rugged cedar stump, the top a sleek sheet of resin fused around the wood. They could only be the result of the meeting of two minds.

Crafted by mth woodworks, the tables are the brainchild of life and business partners Michael Thomas Host and Tanja Hinder. When they met in Switzerland seven years ago, he was a Vancouver woodworker travelling the world to hone his craft. She was a Swiss marketing and event manager with a penchant for interior design.

She moved into the latter field when they came to Vancouver, and a year ago, Host launched his own woodworking shop (with the business name based on his ini-ztials). Together, they decided to meld his love for natural West Coast wood and her affinity for sleek Euro design. Functional art that’s as striking in a contemporary room as it is in a traditional or loft setting, the bloom tables have been an instant sensation with buyers at Provide (529 Beatty Street) and via their website.

“We like the effect that it’s growing right out of your floor,” Host says, sitting in the duo’s Kits pad and admiring one of the cantilevered bloom end tables, which has a rounded white surface that looks like an oversized iPod with the waves and grain of the wood fused right into it. “They’re so unique; our clients appreciate that there are no copies.”

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