Education on horizon for homebuilders

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 8th, 2010

A clear path could soon pave the way for the construction-minded to enter the professional world of homebuilding.

Once a route muddled with needs for connections, self-learned skills, money and a lot of hope, education and training could be on the way.

“If a young person graduating high shool wants to know how to become a homebuilder, there’s no clear education and training path … in B.C.,” said Casey Edge, executive officer of the Canadian Homebuilders’ Association’s Victoria branch.

Enter the Professional Builders’ Institute, recently endorsed by the provincial government. The institute’s board of directors will choose education and training courses across the province that can provide accreditation for hopeful homebuilders.

“These are not trade courses,” said board member Gordon English, a Victoria homebuilder. “They are management courses mostly, (including) construction law.”

Both say the birth of formal accreditation for homebuilders will have positive effects on the quality of new construction in B.C.

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