Recognizing the importance of the lumber industry

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 24th, 2010

Wood is an incontestable part of our lives. From the pencils we use to write with to the kitchen chairs, wood is found everywhere in a typical Canadian home. Most of us like it well enough, yet few take the time to consider where it actually comes from and how it’s produced in Canada. That’s why National Forest Week takes place, from September 19 through to the 25.

First off, let’s imagine a home without any wood, replacing the areas we’d usually use it with man-made alternatives such as: Linoleum or tile flooring, cement walls, metal furniture, plastic cupboards, doors and buffets, gas fireplace with a metal apron… even the beds would have to have metal frames instead of wooden ones. Consider the compromises both aesthetically and to your overall comfort. Life just wouldn’t be the same without it.

The wood industry in Canada is responsible for creating all of the above and more: It saws logs into lumber, preserves the wood that’s been cut, makes veneers, plywood, panels or assembled materials. At the heart of the forest industry, the Canadian wood industry also contributes to Canada’s economy on a large scale: There are almost 1,000 sawmills in Canada employing well over 80,000 workers. Many rural communities depend on the forestry industry. Also, processing wood products is the economic base for hundreds of municipalities.

Therefore, the next time you pick up a pencil, close your kitchen cupboard or even take out a piece of paper for whatever reason, take a moment to consider the amount of resources and manpower that goes in to making our homes as comfortable as possible!

Source: BC Local News – Sept 16, 2010

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