L.A. company creates beautiful wristwatches made of… wood?

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 30th, 2010

While noble in theory, being environmentally conscious generally makes a gadget pretty damn boring. Not so these stylish wristwatches made of wood. Using wood scraps as building materials, L.A.-based company WeWood may have created some of the greenest — and coolest — timepieces ever.

Even though WeWood says it doesn’t paint or stain any of the watches, they come in an impressive array of bold colors. We particularly like the Crono Black (above left), made of Ebony wood, which is both emulates and elevates the typical plastic-and-metal watch design. Since they’re made of wood, WeWood’s watches may not last as long as others — but that’s the point.

Looking at the digital models and their electronic components, it’s hard not to suspect that these watches aren’t as sustainable as they’re touted to be, but we still like ’em. Each WeWood watch costs $119, tree huggas.

Source: Dvice.com – September 29, 2010

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