Inspired by wood

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 24th, 2010

It all began with a sink.

After wavering on the idea of building a new home for some time, Vivian and Duncan Morris were finally motivated after the purchase of a colourful bathroom sink in Mexico.

It became the catalyst for a southwest-themed log and stucco home, one that incorporated both the history of Salmon Arm, Duncan’s craft as a log home builder and the couple’s commitment to an ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

Designed themselves, the home showcases the couple’s love of wood in a variety of ways, from the Scandinavian-style of building with dovetailed log construction, dramatic wooden beams and wooden countertops constructed from a 300-year-old Douglas Fir. The home uses much reclaimed wood: the main frame of the house was made of wood salvaged from a forest fire in Revelstoke, the flooring is made from an old barn, many of the beams came from the Peterson apple warehouse and an abandoned massive red cedar is used as the centre support for the living room.

“It’s like Duncan took a hunt through a scrap heap of wood and turned it into our house,” says Vivian. “He’s created art out of what other people might think are useless leftovers.”

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