City, board of trade woo India business

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 30th, 2010

Two different Surrey business delegations are heading to India next year in hopes of accessing a huge untapped market.

The Surrey Board of Trade has been planning to seek business opportunities in India for the past two years.

Airfare and accommodation only became affordable recently, with a 10-day trip, including airfare, hotel and breakfast, available for $2,790 per person.

So board members and business delegates will be travelling next April.

In February, the City of Surrey is sending the mayor, three councillors, three staff and a group of 40 businesses to Mumbai to meet with enterprises “targeted” to their market. (The businesses will be footing their own bill)

That targeting, or as the city calls it “pre-matching,” links business contacts in Canada and India. Pre-matching, along with airfare and eight-day accommodation for up to seven city officials from Surrey, is expected to cost up to $128,000.

The city hopes to have $20 million in deals signed during the trip.

While the initiative comes just two months before the trip by the Surrey Board of Trade, the missions are slightly different.

The Surrey Board of Trade is catering mostly to small and medium businesses (SME), while the mayor’s group is approaching education, clean energy, wood/manufacturing, film/entertainment and information and communication technologies.

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