Personal tours lead to local wood success with new schools project

Posted by Rumin Mann
August 3rd, 2010

Efforts to include more local wood in Revelstoke construction projects have shown positive results in the new Revelstoke schools construction project. Local wood will be used in roofing materials at the schools, in large timber supports in the entrance way, and possibly for a variety of other uses in the buildings.

Local and provincial governments have supported a number of efforts to get more local wood in local projects.
Some initiatives have been more successful than others. At the local level, the Revelstoke Forest Workers Society (RFWS) published a brochure to help promote Revelstoke lumber products, with limited success.

What did work, says RFWS director Angus Woodman, was leading the new schools project architects on tours of local mills.

Hands-on demonstrations of the mills’ flexibility, quality and ability to fill custom orders helped change notions that the mills are just dimensional lumber factories. “That opened their eyes a bit,” he says of the tours of Downie Timber Ltd., Joe Kozek Sawmills and Take To Heart.

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