Korea Market Update

Posted by Rumin Mann
August 3rd, 2010

Mr. JC Lee recently met with Mr. Young-rok Yoo, the newly elected mayor of Gimpo city this year. Gimpo City is located near Seoul and Il-san City and has a population of 220,000. Targeted for future development as a new “green” city, Gimpo is currently developing residential housing for an expected population increase to 500,000 people. Mr. Lee found that many new projects are under development including new stadiums, shopping facilities, public parks, conference centres, libraries, and an extended subway line to Seoul. The new mayor is a strong proponent of environmentally friendly projects and has pushed the slogan, “Build a Sustainable Green City”. In meeting with the mayor, JC was able to further promote wood to be used for several upcoming public projects. Mr. Yoo is keen to use more wood and is looking to build an educational exhibition centre that emphasizes the benefits of using wood. JC will continue to work officials at Gimpo City to promote wood products for these projects.

For more about the Gimpo City in English, please follow the link below.

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