The Great “Mystery” of Setting Pitch in Douglas-fir and Pine

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 22nd, 2010

By Dave McRae and Don Friesen

As a lumber drying specialist and lumber remanufacturer, we are constantly asked for the best method to set pitch in Douglas-fir and Pine.  While we always give the same answer (because it works), we would like to explore a few of the questions and scenarios we run into.

Door and window manufacturers seem to lead the charge for seeking ways to deal with the annoying and costly problem of pitch running in their product.  For example, one door manufacturer had many call backs from his customers in California because of pitch bleeding through his product, while another had pitch running on his office door when he was visited at his manufacturing plant. He told us he also had call backs throughout Canada and the United States.

Millwork producers are not the only ones concerned about this problem.  Companies that dry lumber and supply their product to remanufacturers are also looking for advice on the best way to set the pitch.

Topics covered in this report:
*What is the right temperature?
*Other techniques?
*What does drying research tell us?
*How to ensure that pitch setting happens

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