Double Your Trade Show Results With a Roadmap To Success

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 27th, 2010

Do not underestimate the power of face-to-face marketing; it is not dead!  It is the key to new customer acquisition and increased customer loyalty.

Recently, one of my clients more than doubled their leads from their previous year’s show!   How did they achieve this turnaround?  By spending the time planning and creating roadmap on the front end!

And what does this roadmap look like?

  1. Set measurable goals prior to the event. Ask important questions such as:

    – What is the average revenue generated from one sale?
    – How many qualified leads need to be obtained for the event to be considered a success?
    – What does a successful show look like?
    – What are the key messages that need to be disseminated?

  2. Integrate a direct marketing campaign tied to your event to create buzz and awareness.  Most attendees decide who they are going to visit prior to the event, not as they are walking the show.

    – Spend the time reaching out prior to the event via multiple mediums.
    – Utilize social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
    – Create multiple touch points prior to the event with direct marketing (standard postcards and e-mails).
    – Provide a teaser or incentive.
    – Create a compelling reason for attendees to come by your booth.

  3. Design a trade show booth that matches those goals. Cut out the clutter and create an environment that facilitates conversation and compels attendees to stick around for the full story.
    Incorporate multiple tiers of messaging:

    – the beacon that can be seen across the hall.
    – the eye-level message drawing the attendee in as they walk down the aisle.
    – the in-your-face messaging that continues the story as the attendee enters the booth.
    – Decide what activities need to be held within the space to insure that your exhibit advances the experience and moves prospects through the space logically and effectively.

  4. Utilize Edutainment (Google it – it’s a word!) within the exhibit space.  Incorporate entertainment that also educates attendees on your brand and offerings.  At-show entertainment should not only excite the audience into participation but tie in your overall show goals and objectives.
  5. Hire a trade show certified team to handle installation and logistics for your exhibit. Overseeing freight, installation and dismantle, electrical, show orders, etc… takes up a lot of valuable time.  Let the people that work in this environment all day, every day handle Murphy’s Law on the trade show floor.  An installation alone can drain you and your team of the energy required to execute at the best of your ability on show opening day!

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