Member Spotlight: Daizen Joinery Ltd.

Posted by Rumin Mann
June 15th, 2010

Daizen Joinery Ltd was established as a hand crafted log home manufacturing company in Parksville, BC in 1991. In the beginning, Daizen’s major market was Japan, shipping more than 400 frames there over the next 14 years. In 2001, Daizen began using a CNC machine, merging hand crafted excellence with high tech production. With Daizen’s improved capability for production, Dai Ona, the owner and project manager, recognized the company’s suitability for the North American timber frame market. The company eventually moved to BC’s interior, concentrating in timber frame for the local market, producing high quality work in conjunction with high quality service. Daizen employees take great pride in being able to see their own work in a local context.

The company is production-oriented with a continuous focus on product improvement. They earned several awards in Japan for their hand crafted homes, as well as, first place at the 2005 International Log Builders Association building competition. After being involved in the log home manufacturing industry for 20 years, the focus changed from producing frames for the international market to producing frames for individual clients. This change in focus meant that each customer’s specific requirements became the company priority. Daizen drew on their experience to translate client needs into custom timber frames.

Daizen has a distinctive background and management style. The employees are trained carpenters who employ a traditional Japanese wooden craft technique, capable of producing frames entirely by hand. A CNC machine is incorporated into production for speed and precision, but hand crafted techniques are still used for subtle detailing. They are able to find a fine balance between high tech and human touch. Daizen produces high quality frames at a reasonable cost.

Daizen utilizes the most advanced CNC machine available in the industry; computers are used in all aspects of management and production. However, the company has remained small; therefore, reducing overhead expenses that would otherwise be reflected in price. This has also been achieved through Daizen’s long involvement in the industry; the initial investment expenditures having been significantly reduced over time. Dai also works as the structural designer, runs all of the equipment including CAD software, and hand crafts the joinery. Dai, being the owner of the company, is highly involved in all of the projects.

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