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April 14th, 2010

On Friday, I met with Bird Construction who is constructing a large acute care facility in the Lower Mainland.  Currently it is constructed out of steel and concrete; however, due to the pending Wood First Act, the contractor advised that there needs to be a relatively significant wood component added to the project.  More than anything, the contractor is looking to industry for assistance in nature of product and designs that might be acceptable.  Here are some of the issues:

1. First of all, as the architect did not incorporate any wood into this project, the contractor said that they are essentially starting with a blank sheet of paper and are looking for industry to provide some interesting concepts using wood.  While the main structure has been competed, there is still opportunity for entrance ways which can incorporate structural wood including glulams, beams, posts, etc. as well as non-structural wood including cladding, paneling, cabinets, furniture, millwork and the like.

2. Ideally, but not totally necessary, the wood and or design should have a story to tell; ie: wood from our MPB forests, recycled wood, etc.  Local species would get preference over imported species.

3. Now comes the challenge, as an acute care facility, the contractor advised that all integral wood components need to pass the following standard – CAN/ULC-S134, and vertical fire spread test.  As such, if you have supplied wood products to similar type projects, the contractor would like more information about it.  While this standard would apply to certain products, such as, the exposed structural components,cladding, paneling, etc., it wouldn’t apply to all millwork (aside from required fire rated door), cabinetry, and furnishing.

4. Last but not least, there are budgetary issues.

I wish I could be more specific but the above is all the information that was provided.

If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please contact Roy Manion at rmanion@bcwood.comor contact Roy at BC Wood’s office at 604 882-7100

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