Room and Board – US Furniture Retailer

Posted by Dave Farley
March 26th, 2010

Room and Board is a furniture rdining_spaces_turner_lgetailer based in the United States that I think is worth checking out.  The web address is  What makes these guys unique?.

Well for one, it begins with their company  mission statement which states, “Furniture made by families not factories”.  Room and Board  has twelve retail locations spread across the United States.  They carry a number of lines of high quality, design oriented, comtemporary furniture and accessories. Of these, 85% are made by small, American based, furniture manufacturers such as  Vermont Furniture, Woodcrafters and Castlewood.
In speaking with their buyers, Room and Board has purposely carved out a niche in the market by selling furniture that is not made in China by low-cost factories. Their furniture costs more than their competitors, such as, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn, but their quality is superior and their customer base appreciates
the made in United States aspect of their stores.

They currently do not carry any Canadian product but are certainly open to the idea. Here’s to wishing them well in the ultra competitive world of furniture retail.


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