Nikkei 2010: 3 Days Down & 1 to Go!

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
March 11th, 2010

The cold rain we had during set-up continued and even turned to snow for a while. Such weather isn’t good for drawing crowds to Big Sight, and this was reflected in the attendance figures for the first 2 days which dropped 3.4% over 2009. The sun came back yesterday and it will be nice again today for the big finish.

As with all the shows we do, we spent a lot of time beforehand inviting key clients to come and visit participating members. So far they have been coming! In particular, with both Merit Kitchens & Pacific Rim Cabinets ad well as Masonite & Canada@Home taking part we made a special effort to target kitchen and reform (renovations) specialists. This seems to have been well timed as reform is the talk of the show. The Japanese government’s promotion of energy efficient homes through its Eco-Point system as the slowdown of new condo starts has most builders and architects looking at expanding their reform businesses.

Overall the show has been going well. Industry watchers have been saying for a while that the Japanese housing market would strengthen in 2010 and it feels that way at the show. I have spoken with clients exhibiting and they too have been having a good show. One told me that this has been the best show for them in 4 years. Let’s hope this keeps up for today and the rest of the year!

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