Last chance to register for the next two Management Skills Training courses

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 24th, 2010

The Business Finance & Equipment Evaluation, and Safety & Human Resources Management Course  will be offered between March 29th to May 10th , 2010

The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing is now offering a set of affordably-priced online courses to teach skills such as production planning, quality management, new product development, and equipment justification to workplace learners in the wood products industries. Each module requires about 5hrs of study per week for 6 weeks. The courses were designed specifically for the wood products industry and the content is based on case studies from the various sub-sectors. Our goal is to teach skills that can be immediately applied in the workforce related to production, purchasing, HR, QC, equipment evaluation and purchase, sales/marketing, and new product development. These are NOT academic courses, and the skills learned can be applied immediately in the workplace. Each course is led by a tutor with extensive industry experience.

Our management skills training program schedule for Jan-June is as follows:

Business Finance & Equipment Justification – March 29th to May 10th  2010
(MS Excel spreadsheet skills are required)

*   Be able to generate accurate raw accounting data
*   Have knowledge of financing options, sources of capital, basic accounting skills, understanding financial statements (balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flow, etc.), measures of assessment (e.g. operating profit versus net profit)
*   Describe the difference between fixed costs and variable costs
*   Explain time value of money, payback periods, and net present value
*   Explain and use basic accounting terminology
*   Perform cost benefit calculations

Safety & Human Resources Management – March 29th to May 10th 2010

*   Develop systems and procedures to promote a safe working environment
*   Describe basic safety regulations and identify sources of updated regulatory information
*   Explain management’s responsibilities with regard to safety
*   Explain the key aspects of labour relations (both union and non-union); describe good hiring practices, performance appraisal systems, and compensation systems (for shop floor employees)
*   Create successful employee retention strategies
*   Describe techniques for creating a positive team environment within your company
*   Foster effective communication and leadership skills to motivate employees

More detailed information: – Management skills program

To register, please contact Jason Chiu at 604-822-0082 or<>

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