Judson Beaumont Tokyo Disneyland Launch

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
February 12th, 2010

Opening_Ceremony_2 Opening_Ceremony Disneyana    Today was the start of the 2nd Disneyana Festival at Tokyo Disneyland. This is special event for hardcore fans costs $2000 per person and includes a one night stay at the Disneyland Ambassador Hotel. The main purpose for most of the participants is to be able to purchase Disney goods that are otherwise unavailable in stores. The first Disneyana in 2008 attracted 170 people, but this time over 320 took part!

Lamp Stich Mickey_Minnie    The special collections include decorations and figures that had been previously used in the park as well as limited edition items. Most of these items are put up for auction after a special dinner show. Disney also offers items that they collaboratively designed with other companies/designers especially for this event. This year they had unique bags and cushions in addition to a high-end line of crystal ware and of course furniture from our very own Judson Beaumont! These items have their prices set, but due to the limited number for sale buyers are chosen through a lottery system.

Jud_Goofy Jud_Donald Jud_Mickey_Minnie    The people at Disney were very pleased with Jud's pieces and this project should lead to future opportunities. I just wish I could have been there tonight when the lucky guests were drawn to buy Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy! 

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