Blue Mountain Pine Beetle Wood is Really Green!

Posted by Randi Walker
February 18th, 2010


Living Wall Cover 2 smformatYes, we all know about the amazing ceiling of the Richmond Oval and the new Conference Centre utilizing MPB and we’ve heard abut the wonderful Olympic Podiums too, but have you seen what one BC Wood member is doing to show off the beauty of this wood?  Judson Beaumont of Straightline Design started working with MPB a few years ago, setting his creative mind in gear to come up with ideas.  Starting with some 2 X 4’s from the local Home Depot, he cut it into small pieces, softened the edges and through them in a stone tumbler and viola!  River rocks emerged.  Then he took an axe and started chopping up a 2 X 4 into short lengths and positioning them on a board backing, created an eye-appealing textured wall that resembled very nearly a slate-stacked wall.  Judson launched this wall at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York last May and has been creating it for numerous uses ever since.  It was selected as the entrance feature at the 100% Design show in Tokyo and Judson was asked to design and create the awards for the same show – of course out of MPB wood!  Their theme this year was all about “green & sustainability”, so it was the perfect choice.

He has used both elements (river rock and wall pattern) to make some very cool coffee tables (for the Premier’s office and the BC Pavilion) and has most recently installed similar pieces in the downtown Vancouver ING offices.  Well done Jud!

Straight Line Designs Inc. is a custom furniture design and manufacturing company that has a reputation for both a signature style and quality work. Their designs almost always lean towards the whimsical and unusual and their philosophy has always been to work closely with their clients, encouraging a very “hands on” rapport.  A few clients of note include Crayola, Premier Gordon Campbell, Staten Island University, Disney, Tokyo Disney, Princeton University and the Vancouver Airport.100Design Tokyo102


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