BC Wood Recognized as Wood Champion!

Posted by Rumin Mann
February 25th, 2010

On Tuesday, February 23rd, Minister of Forests and Range Pat Bell and Premier Gordon Campbell closed off a host of events around Forestry Day, at the amazing BC Pavilion in the Vancouver Art Gallery.  The Minister and Premier wanted to recognize a number of industry members that had significantly contributed to promoting the use of wood in buildings and construction, as well as finishing materials.  These included many architects and designers, city and municipal officials from around the province, as well as industry groups, whose message has always been “wood is good”!

Wood Champions formatted

Shown here receiving an award from Minister Bell are Mary Tracey from BC WoodWorks!, Brian Hawrysh, BC Wood’s CEO and Mary Sjostrom, the Mayor of Quesnel.

We were extremely fortunate to have almost all of our Board of Directors present to participate in the Forestry Day activities and evening awards ceremony & reception.  Wood First is an important initiative by the province that is receiving positive reaction and response by the municipalities, the building and construction community and of course, the wood products industry.  Stay tuned for regular updates on Wood First programs and how they can – and will affect your business opportunities in our province.

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