2008 BC Forest Products Trend Analysis Report

Posted by Rumin Mann
January 29th, 2010

Every year the Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) funds and publishes reports on foreign markets, new product and technical research, and feasibility studies. This information is part of FII’s mandate to help promote B.C.’s forest sector internationally.

Below are links to the British Columbia Forest Products Trend Analysis Report for 2008. The analysis provides an overview of key markets, trends in consumption, supply and demand, and B.C.’s competitive position internationally.  

Details in the 2008 report include:

  • Commodity wood products – lumber, plywood, OSB, particleboard and MDF;
  • Pulp & Paper – chemical and mechanical pulp, newsprint, printing & writing paper, tissue and packaging;
  • A market overview and discussion of trends for each of B.C.’s major markets – US, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, and Australia;
  • Information on emerging markets – Middle East, Vietnam and India;
  • A summary of supply and demand, consumption, imports and exports – as well as market share, economic indicators, and competition trends; and 
  • Data on the value-added industry by product and market.

 The material is presented in three volumes. 

Volume 1:  An executive summary of the 2008 Trend Analysis, this volume provides an overview of supply, demand, trends and emerging issues in global forest products markets.  The volume also includes a review of B.C.’s export picture and a summary analysis of the province’s key global markets.

2008 Trend Analysis Volume 1: Year in Review

Volume 2:  A comprehensive review of each of B.C.’s key and emerging markets for solid wood products.

2008 Trend Analysis Volume 2: Wood Products

Volume 3:  A comprehensive review of B.C.’s primary and secondary markets for pulp & paper products.

2008 Trend Analysis Volume 3: Pulp and Paper

Market and technical research and product development reports are available on the Industry Resources page at FII’s web site www.bcfii.ca/industry_resources.

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