Hate Elections? Try Japan!

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
July 8th, 2009

On July 12th the Tokyo gubernatorial election will be held so large vehicles with large speakers are now patrolling neighbourhoods looking for voters to annoy. 

I know many Canadians may think their politicians just flap their gums hoping to that something resembling policy will come out, but in Japan it is far, far worse. Honestly all they ever say is "My name is blah blah, vote for me. I am with the blah blah party, vote for me." They drive around all day doing this with the volume cranked. How is it they can talk so much, make so much noise, and say absolutely NOTHING!

Once in a while they do stop these mobile megaphones and try to explain some policy. That is when I snapped these pictures of the Communist Party's babble-mobile. It's great when they bring in the second speaker truck as back-up!

Election Car1 Election Car3 Election Car4
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